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Our Pantry

by Slaven Beram
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Our Pantry


First, let’s start with a few golden rules:

  • Number one on your menu should be seasonal fruits and vegetables. Whether you live further up north or in the tropical paradise, there is always some fruit or vegetable in season. Our bodies are still in tune with natural cycles and are meant to eat seasonal produce. We do live in a world where all kinds of foods are available all year round – frozen, dried, imported fruits and veggies, …. but you should always choose seasonal when possible.
  • Minimize packaged and processed foods. Although we do use them in some of our recipes, we try to keep them to a minimum. Also, if we do buy them, we try to use tested, quality brands.
  • Try and grow your own food. It can be one tomato or a few herbs on your balcony, or even a micro-farm in your back yard. There is nothing like watching your plants grow and ripen. Tossing that freshly picked kale in your morning smoothie or making pesto with fresh basil picked from your garden is something special. It will change the way you think about food in general.

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